Thai Dining Guide

We’ve created a handy pocket guide to getting the most authentic Thai food in Thailand or at your local Thai restaurant, wherever you are. There are also sections for vegetarians and those who have food allergies. Take a look!

If you’re Thai, or speak Thai fairly well, the food you receive at a restaurants is quite different than what they give to foreigners. Why? Mostly because Thai people are scared that foreigners can’t eat Thai style — it’s too spicy, too fermented, too foreign. They’ll dull down the flavors thinking thats the way that foreigners prefer it. While this may be true for some people, it can be frustrating for sure for those who appreciate Thai food the way it’s meant to be served.

The Thai language is tonal and very difficult to pronounce for people who are not used to it. So instead of trying to teach you some basic phrases, we figure it’s best to give you a guide. You can print it out, fold it, and put it in your wallet.

There are sections on getting authentic food — stronger flavor, no western vegetables, etc, as well as helpful phrases for vegetarians and people with food allergies. Also, for those who love spicy food, point to the guide when you order and the server will more likely believe you when you say “spicy please”.

This guide can work both inside Thailand or wherever you are. Please let us know if you enjoy it!

Thai Dining Guide
PDF, 718K
A4 format