About Us…

making fresh coconut milkThis is a project by a farang living in Thailand named Cee Webster, and every Thai Cee can rope into helping, including their faen, their faen’s family, friends, street vendors, market sellers, etc.

Cee first came to Thailand for six months in the fall of 2001 to escape their smoky apartment in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. They came because of the food and recommendations by friends. Upon realizing that the food they loved back in New York wasn’t real Thai food, they then spent years learning what is.

Cee took many cooking classes and fun trips to markets, and ate at a lot of local restaurants (if you see a lot of Thais, it’s probably good!) on various trips back to Thailand. They spent the next four years trying to re-create authentic dishes in their NYC apartment, with weekly treks to Chinatown to pick up the ingredients.

Cee moved to Thailand full time in 2005 and has been living with a Thai family and learning daily the tricks on how to create authentic Thai food. In their free time Cee enjoys learning to speak and read Thai, traveling around the region, and taking photographs.