White Soy Sauce

White Soy SauceHealthy Boy BrandBoat BrandAbout: White soy sauce is also called ‘thin soy sauce’ or ‘light soy sauce’. Don’t confuse this with ‘low sodium’ or a healthier version of light. What they mean is it’s somewhat translucent, or not as thick as black soy sauce.

Brands: My favorite brands of white soy sauce are ‘Healthy Boy’ (pictured on the left – look for the bright yellow label) and ‘Boat Brand’ (pictured on the right – look for the light blue label.) Boat Brand is actually called Nguan Chiang. The brand with the dragonfly on the label is also tasty.

Note: Don’t use Chinese or Japanese soy sauce when you cook Thai food. The flavor is totally different. Soy Sauce goes bad fast. If you’ve had an opened bottle in the cupboard for months, ditch it and get a new one.