Mango with Sticky Rice

It’s mango season here in Thailand, and the best way to enjoy them is to pair the sweet fruit with sweet and salty coconut-milk sticky rice. Khao Nieow Ma-muang is a very popular dessert with both Thais and foreign visitors, and the first sweet we’re adding to the site. Enjoy!


  • 1/2 cup raw :sticky rice:
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk (chao koh brand, shaken)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/3 tablespoons white sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds or salted fried mung beans (optional)
  • 1 sweet, ripe yellow :mango:



  1. Soak the sticky rice for at least an hour before steaming.
  2. Steam for 20 minutes on medium-high in a sticky rice steamer. If you don’t have a sticky rice steamer, you can try steaming in a bowl in a covered saucepan with an inch of water at the bottom of the pan. You could also try using a regular steamer, but cover the holes with cheese cloth or muslin cloth so that the rice doesn’t fall through.
  3. While steaming, prepare the sauce for the rice. Add the 1/2 cup of coconut milk to a saucepan along with the 1 1/3 tablespoons sugar & 1/4 teaspoon salt, and stir over low heat until dissolved. Set aside.
  4. Prepare the topping sauce as well. In another small saucepan, add the 1/4 cup coconut milk, 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar, and 1/8 teaspoon salt, and stir over low heat until dissolved. Mix the tapioca starch with a little bit of water in a small bowl until a paste, then add as well. Mixing the starch beforehand will prevent any lumps from forming in the sauce. Stir until thickened, and remove from heat.
  5. When the rice is finished, spread out in a shallow bowl and cover with 1/2 the thin sauce (the sauce you made first). Stir well and keep adding more until you reach saturation point. Depending on the rice used, it should be around 75% of the sauce. You may need to use it all. You don’t want very wet rice, it should be somewhat dry and sticky. Don’t add until it’s submerged, but keep in mind that the rice will absorb some of the liquid. I usually add until just before I see puddles of coconut milk. Stir well and cover with a towel. Let the rice absorb the coconut milk for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Slice mango as shown and arrange on a plate. Spoon an equal amount of sticky rice next to it, and top with a few spoons of the thicker sauce. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds or fried salty mung beans.


The best mango to eat with this dish is called 'Naam Dok Maai' (flower nectar mango), which is available in South East Asia. In many Asian groceries in the West you can find a yellow-skinned mango which is skinny and pointy. This works a lot better than the round, red/orange mangoes from Mexico & the Caribbean, which are not anywhere near as yummy as the Asian mangoes.

Make sure you use sticky rice and not regular Thai rice in this dish. Sticky rice is sometimes called glutinous rice. The grains are whiter and fatter than regular rice.

Do not refrigerate the sweet sticky rice — it turns into a rock-hard mess which tastes awful. If you have to make it ahead of time, just leave it out on the counter. It'll last for a few hours no problem.

Chao Koh brand coconut milk is the best to use in this dish. If you can find it in a paper carton, it's better than a can. If you cannot find Chao Koh, do not, by any means use a brand of coconut milk that does not originate from Thailand. The local supermarket variety will ruin this dish!

I really like a slightly cold mango with slightly warm rice. It compliments the sweet & salty of the dish. Mmmm!



Soak the rice for an hour in water


Steam the rice for 20 minutes


Heat the sauces


Soak the cooked rice in the thin sauce


Slice off the 'butt' of the mango


Slice off the skin, starting at the butt


Make a deep slice down to the seed

Slice & Arrange

Make 1" wide cuts, then place on a plate

Flip & Repeat

Flip, and repeat on the other side


Carefully slide onto a plate


Don't forget the little bits on the sides


The final step: eat the bits on the seed!

41 thoughts on “Mango with Sticky Rice

  1. My favourite “yello mango with sweet sticky rice” is at “Mae Waree” in Soi Thonglor.

    Their Mangoes come in variety of ranges and the sweet sticky rice is not too sweet. Just how I like mine to taste like.

    I, personally, never try to cook the sweet sticky rice.
    Oh well… I will try your recipe … this weekend maybe.

    : )

  2. Riya — is that the place right at the front of the soi to the left? I usually pick up a box from them when I’m near Thonglor. Did you know that they make all the sweet sticky rice for S&P? That’s what they told me anyway!

  3. my mother used to make this for us. I grew up eating sweet sticky rice with magoes and banana..However, now as an adult I seem to have forgot how to make this simple dish. I have a regular rice cooker..will that work to cook the sticky rice?

  4. Thanks! I have sweet rice soaking now to use tomorrow. I went to the Asian market near me, But no sticky rice steamer there. I am going to try your method with either the bowl or the cheesecloth. I am also craving some Bua Loi..mmmm. Will post with my results:)

  5. Good luck with the steaming. That’s funny that you’re craving bua loi — I’m working on a recipe for it as we speak. I will hopefully post it this weekend!

  6. O.K..I made it and the results were fantastic!
    Thanks for the idea of using a cheesecloth with my regular steamer! This only costed me 3 dollars! Also since my husband is diabetic I used half sugar and half Splenda and it came out wonderful. You couldnt tell the difference! Next I am going to move on to the banana and sticky rice, since I can’t find banana leaf I am going to see if I can use non stick aluminum foil. I can’t wait to see your recipe for the bui loi! Glad I came across your webpage. Thanks again!

  7. I recently came back from a trip to Thailand and missed authentic sticky rice……. Thank you so much for this recipe!!! I make it now and it always brings back those wonderful memories of my trip (where I probably ate 10 kilos of mango sticky rice, lol!). I can’t find the good golden mangos like I ate there, but it’s close. : )

  8. Thank you for the recipe! I think I’ll try it out this weekend. We also have some mangoes at my workplace, so I might make some extra rice to bring to my workplace.

    I’m wondering what’s the best way to keep the rice if I can’t eat it immediately? I don’t want to have to wake up really early to make it before leaving for work, it will be nice to be able to pre-make some on the weekends instead.

    You mentioned not to keep the rice in the fridge, how about if I keep it in an airtight container in the fridge and maybe microwave(!!) it slightly before eating, as I normally do with normal rice?

  9. This is my favorite fruit dessert! I love it, and I need to make it again soon! Thanks for sharing the recipe and great instructional photos.

  10. I was wondering how many this portion will feed? 2? I’m planning a dinner party in two weeks and would love to make this. Thanks!

  11. Victoria –
    Sounds crazy, but I recommend just leaving it on the table overnight. If you refrigerate it, it really will kill it (solid hard mess) and I’m pretty sure microwaving it will just kill it even more. 🙂 Thais leave it out in the heat all day long and it’s fine. If it’s not too hot where you are it’ll probably be fine. If you make the coconut cream part, that can be refrigerated.

    Julie –
    It depends on how much you eat – I’d say this would feed about 4-6? It makes about twice what you see in the picture.

  12. These are by far my favorite mangoes, they are the only kind I can get in Hong Kong. Here in America I find they are commonly called Champagne Mangoes, usually shipped from the Philippines.

  13. beautiful website! I have a rice cooker, so that makes the steaming rice part a breeze. I used stevia as a substitute for sugar, and frozen mangoes from Trader Joe’s. I just used one can of Chaokoh coconut milk, even though the recipe requires for a little bit more, and I still enjoyed the result. I’m glad this recipe yields a good small portion for 1-2 people. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  14. I couldn’t find a sticky rice steamer in Chinatown (Boston) and I don’t have any suitable cloths, so I used a regular steamer and laid down some paper towels to hold the rice. It worked all right, at least well enough for me to pig out :p

  15. Beautiful site! Thank you for sharing this recipe. Two questions – can I use a regular rice cooker for the sticky rice? Also, which rice brands would you recommend? Is it usually in a bag labeled sweet rice? So many rice types to choose from!

    Thanks again!

  16. OMG… mango with sticky rice was introduced to me by a Thai friend here in the States, years ago. I figure it was as authentic as a Thai restaurant could get since all the local Thais went there.
    Long story short – I am utterly addicted to mango with sticky rice.
    Never sure if I should eat it, or just roll around in it.

  17. Thank you so much for this recipe! Choosing the right coconut milk is really crucial in preparing this beautiful & delicious Thai delicacy! I used to buy coconut milk in can because the options are really limited in Melbourne Asian grocery. Although I couldn’t find the Chao Koh brand, I took your advice in choosing the one made in Thailand and in paper carton, and, most importantly 100% coconut milk (not a mix of water, starch or other ingredients)! It was so so so easy to make this dish (my favorite Thai dessert that I longed for) by following your recipe. And it was yummy!

  18. After spending two weeks in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia on a mission trip I found that my favorite dessert is Mango with Sticky Rice. Upon returning I had a craving for it and must say that this recipe was PERFECT!!! I served it to my parents and they loved it also.

    Kudos to the owner of this recipe and thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of the world!


  19. Hey I am loving this blog! I just got back from Thailand and I am determined to recreate some of the fine dishes I sampled whilst over there. I love the place (been there over 8 times!).

    Thank you for your beautiful site!

  20. Hi, I’m from Singapore but have been traveling regularly to Thailand since I was very little as I have family there. I love mango sticky rice and would love to try to make it soon. Thanks so much for the recipe!! I have family in Bangkok and hatyai (south Thailand) and I got to say the best sticky rice I’ve ever tried was from a Thai-Chinese street vendor in hatyai. I last saw her when I was like 9, but I loved her rice so much I still remember her face! She had a magic ingredient. I think she adds a dash of jasmine essence into the coconut milk, and trust me, it makes all the difference. It was orgasmic. Now I’m 31 and have never eaten sticky rice as wonderful as hers since childhood!

  21. Oh, one more thing. In South East Asia we have lots of this fragrant plant called pandan (or pandanus) leaf. We use it a lot in making desserts as it imparts a heavenly delicate fragrance great with sweet stuff. Stick a leaf or two into the coconut milk when simmering it. Otherwise, boiled coconut milk can taste quite plain. Not sure if you can find it in the west tho. It’s a hot weather tropical plant that grows easily in a small pot. When I’m eating pandan waffles (made with juice squeezed from the leaves), my cats will demand their share too!

    1. What a great suggestion! Thanks! I don’t have the plant itself but pandan flavoring in now available and I have a small bottle in my pantry. Hubby just came home with a box of Manila mangoes from the farmers market. Now I’m wanting to try and make this.

  22. Thanks for the recipe, I am from Malaysia and been to Bangkok on April 2011. Tried my first sticky rice with mango at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and the taste was fantastic. The very first thing on my mind went I woke up on the next day is to look for sticky rice with mango and I ate it again during my trip to floating market…

    Love it and will definitely try to cook it by myself.

    Do you have recipe for fried banana as well?


  23. I love this dish, my absolute favourite in Thailand.

    I have to disagree, leaving it overnight in the fridge and then have it for breakfast the next day.. absolutely delish..

    Granted, not as perfect as when just made but lovely none the less.

    Great recipe..

    Thanks for sharing


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