Coriander Root

Thai: ???????? (raak pak chee)

Coriander RootThais use the root of the Coriander (Cilantro) plant as a flavoring in soups and curry pastes. It may be difficult to find Coriander in the West with the roots still on. I found that in Asian groceries, or sometimes in Latin groceries you can find it with the root. Cut the root with about 1/2″ of green (like shown) and wash very very well before adding to the dish. To get even more flavor in a soup, bruise the root with a stone mortar & pestle first.

Storage: Store coriander in a glass filled with water inside the fridge. If stored this way, it should last 2 weeks or so. If it comes with a rubber band or twist tie around it, remove that first for longer shelf life. You can also freeze the roots for long term storage.