Thai: ????? (ma-nao)

LimeThe limes in Thailand are smaller, juicier and have thinner skin. They are not the same version I was used to in the US. However, they are the same which are grown in Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and the Florida Keys. In the US they are referred to ‘Key Lime’, since they are grown in the Keys. The ‘key lime’ is native to South East Asia, and was brought over to to Central America & the Caribbean by the Spanish, via the Middle East. Since the limes are different, instead of calling for ‘1 lime’ in my recipes, instead I call for the juice by the teaspoon, so there is no confusion. As for some recipes, where you actually eat the rind, for example: Mieng Kham, it’s better to try to find thin skinned ‘key’ limes.

Storage: Keep limes in a plastic bag in the fridge or they’ll dry out. Limes are much better fresh. As they age, the juice becomes bitter, and that bitterness can overpower the flavor of your food. Always use fresh limes!