Leaf Wrapped Snack

Mieng Kham is a great, easy to make (albeit a bit time-consuming) appetizer or snack. It’s fun to eat and healthy too! This is an excellent dish to serve at a party.




  1. Dry roast the coconut in a wok on medium high, stirring constantly to avoid burning. Cook until the coconut is medium brown, about 5 minutes. Set aside the amount used for the sauce, and put the rest into a serving bowl.
  2. Cut up all the ingredients which are not to be put into the sauce into small 1/4″ pieces. Arrange in small bowls, or in piles on a plate.
  3. Now, for the sauce… In a stone mortar and pestle, pound together the shallots and galangal until fine. Set aside.
  4. In a small sauce pan, add the water, fish sauce, palm sugar & shallot/galangal mixture.
  5. Boil over medium heat to reduce the sauce to the thickness shown in the picture below. You’re going to boil off about 1/2 the liquid. Make sure to keep stirring every now and then.
  6. Add the roasted coconut, remove from heat, and put into a small bowl.
  7. To eat… Take a leaf and fold the bottom to make a pouch (see large pic above). Put a large pinch of roasted coconut in first, then follow with a piece or two of everything else from the serving bowls: shallots, lime, ginger, peanuts, shrimp and a chili if desired. There is no ‘proper’ order to put them in. Then, add a bit of sauce on top, roll the leaf to make a packet, and eat in one bite. Eating Mieng Kam is like a taste explosion.


In Thailand, Mieng Kham is usually served with :betel leaves:. These may be next to impossible to find outside of Asia. Instead, we recommend lettuce, :chinese broccoli:, or a similar broad leaf vegetable. You can find pre-shredded coconut in the baking section of the grocery store, if you don't feel like shredding fresh coconut. But make sure you buy it unsweetened.



This dish lends well to nice arrangement


The sauce should be thick and chunky


Make a pouch with the leaf


Add a bit of each ingredient & some sauce

Fold & Eat

Fold the top of the leaf to make a packet